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Vermont Farm Takes On Border Fight With U.S. May 30, 2010

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May 30, 2010
In Vermont, the federal government plans to seize a farmer’s land to build a $5 million border post on a quiet country road. The community is fiercely opposed, and the Department of Homeland Security is under fire for planning expensive projects that some say isn’t needed.

The hamlet of Morses Line is just a dot on the Canadian border in the small northern Vermont town of Franklin. A quiet country road leads to the existing brick border station at the edge of a hayfield.


One Response to “Vermont Farm Takes On Border Fight With U.S.”

  1. Choon James Says:

    Just another blatant example of bureaucratic arrogance and incompetence.

    In my eminent domain abuse case, the city of Honolulu is suffering severe budget cuts and it still thinks that it can spend $13 million to relocate a fire station for less than a mile.

    Municipal services are cut. City workers have furloughs. Even the firemen would prefer a steady paycheck than a brand new fire station that can wait for a more prosperous time. Property taxes and other fees are raised and yet the Corporation Counsel is rushing to condemn two scarce commercial lots. Decimating these commercial lots in rural Hauula will mean decimating tax revenues to the city and state. How’s that for common sense?

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