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April 5, 2010

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As of today I am entering the world of blogging! For too long I have roamed the vast metropolis known as the internet in search of a home to call my own. Even though I am young, the internet, among other things, has helped to shape my ideology and life path. As a long time lover of politics and nature, many websites, videos, and blogs on the information superhighway have opened my mind to an incredible amount of new knowledge. That said, I owe it to myself and others to share what I come across. I want others to be as enlightened as I have been.

As our world is destroyed by those who do not value nature, it is important now more than ever before to work to protect our land and sustain a world that generations can enjoy. However, at the same time our nation is being destroyed by elitist powers above, many of whom are elected officials. If we do not do something about unnecessary wars, taxes, spending, and massive government, the United States as we have known it for many years will drastically change for the worst. (Drumroll….)  I now give you the EnivroLibertarian Blog!


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